Two Chinese accused of murdering a diplomat, deported to China

Two Chinese nationals suspected of murdering first Secretary of the Chinese embassy in Kyrgyzstan Wang Teng Ping and his driver have been deported back to their motherland, a source in the Kyrgyz law-enforcement bodies reported.

Both detainees, Uighurs, have turned out to be members of international terrorist organisations . The first suspect born in 1970 comes from the Xingjiang-Uighur autonomous province on Chinese territory and was an active member of the Free Turkestan separatist organisation. He's on the Interpol wanted list as Yakub Erkin and Guzelo Ramazan. The suspect had a Kyrgyz passport on him with the name of Mamatkerim Kudayarov.

The second detainee, an Uighur too, known as Mustafa Kara, Rakhmatullo Silai, Abduvali Emin, was on the wanted list for several murders committed on Chinese territory.

In 1999 the bandit received training at a terrorist centre in Chechnya. Then he was hiding in Afghanistan.

The first secretary of the Chinese embassy in Kyrgyzstan and his driver were found dead in a car in the centre of Bishkek on June 29th.