Battle of Gangut, Russia's first sea victory, commemorated in Moscow on August 9

August 9 is the Day of Military Glory, the day of the first-ever victory of the Russian regular fleet. In 1714, 288 years ago, the advance guard of the Russian rowing fleet under Peter the Great's command attacked and captured Swedish ships by Gangut Cape (the Baltic Sea).

A ceremony to commemorate the victory will be held by the monument to the 300th anniversary of the Russian Fleet in Moscow on Friday, said the press service of the Russian state military historical-cultural centre.

Representatives of the Russian Defence Ministry, the naval command and the Moscow government will participate in the ceremony. When a march is played, Peter I will come up to the monument and address his descendants - new defenders of the Fatherland. Flowers will be laid to the monument. After that, the model orchestra of the Russian Navy will give a concert.