Revolution in lipstick: Again Korea!

The question is about lipstick with an engine: colour and pleasure in one.

Now, lipstick of red colour, like Korean flag, is in fashion. Chanel produced it hoping for it becoming the hit of the season. Though, now a sensational report has arrived from Korea itself.

South Korean inventor produced a principally new lipstick. It gives the lips the wishful colour and at the same time massages them. Into the metal chuck containing the lipstick a small battery is set and a small engine. Any time, while pressing upon the chuck, the owner of the lipstick gets a warm relaxing massage. According to the specialists, this helps the lips to fast adapt to any lipstick. Moreover, the colour stays longer. Though, there is a miscalculation, too. It is obvious that the inventor, the man, of course, never painted his lips with a lipstick. A woman who paints her lips makes it with an exact, trained movement, to make the line ideal. In this sense, the vibrating lipstick is a nonsense.

Yelena Kiseleva PRAVDA.Ru