Public lavatories drive through St Petersburg

It is well-known that the level of culture is shown not through the number of museums and theatres, but through the state of lavatories.

In culture capital of Russia – St Petersburg – there are some troubles with lavatories. That troubles have always existed, though they became more impressive after the city was declared beer capital of Russia.

For example, not far from Mariinsky Theatre, in the most popular gateway, an emotional inscription could be seen: “Have patience! Lavatory is near here” and a pointer showing the way to the lavatory.

The lavatory issue became a bit less, when moving cabins appeared near to underground stations, though it is not enough for the beer capital. So, St Petersburg smells are the same as they were described by Fyodor Dostoyevsky in his “Crime and Punishment”.

St Petersburg Water Channel which, in addition to water purification, has always tried to sow the good and reasonable, intends to buy two buses to raise culture in the city streets.

The price of such moving lavatory makes 3 million rubles (approximately $ 100,000). So far, 10 places were fixed where the buses will be parked. Among them – Dvortsovaya and Birzhevaya squares, an alley near to Smolny temple, and a garden by Kazan temple.

Visiting the lavatory will cost about 5-10 rubles. If the business is successful, the number of such lavatories will be increased.

Yelena Kiseleva PRAVDA.Ru