A new investigation: Adolf Hitler was rich and greedy

The authors of a programme prepared by German ARD TV company have carried out an investigation about private property of Alolf Hiltler. They found out that within the time of his being in power he had knocked up a pretty big fortune.

“The image of modest Hitler is a legend created by propaganda, - the creators of the TV programme state. - Only for copy right of his book Mein Kampf he got 7.8 million reichsmarks.” He had numerous sources of income. For example, he received his percent from every stamp where there was his picture. Fuehrer also received donations from rich people supporting fascist regime and could take for his own a part of riches seized from Jews and political opponents. Moreover, he did not pay taxes.

In his interview to Bild newspaper, the author of the programme, Ingo Helm said that Hitler had been in the centre of enrichment and corruption system and he had been impossibly rich and greedy, however in public he had usually appeared in a very modest military uniform and in quite modest interiors.

After WW II ended, the fuehrer riches were handed over to Bavaria.

Photograph: One of Hitler’s canvases.

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