Russian State Sports Committee Chairman proposed to form commission on examination of figure skating refereeing in Salt Lake City

Russian State Sports Committee Chairman Vyacheslav Fetisov thinks, that it is necessary to form a commission, which will revise the figure skating refereeing at the Olympic games.

This was disclosed by him on Tuesday in the course of the press-conference, while commenting on new scandals, concerning the refereeing of the figure skaters at the Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.

It is necessary to check the refereeing of figure skaters at the Olympic games, so that the professionals would estimate the decision of the referees, and would find out whether it was objective or not.

Speaking at the press-conference, Fetisov and his ex-team-mate from "TsSKA" and "Detroit" clubs Igor Larionov did not touch upon the "topic of Alimjan Tokhtakhunov". According to the accusations, Tokhtakhunov bribed the judges at the Olympics and thus influenced the dispensation of medals.

"It was the press that aroused the scandal with Yelena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze," Fetisov and Larionov said. In their opinion, the Russian pair was much better than the Canadian and their victory was well-earned.

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