Chinese pandas beg for coca-cola

Hot weather in eastern China makes thirsty pandas in a Shanghai zoo beg for bottles with refreshing coca-cola from tourists. The thirsty pandas raise their forepaws when tourists are passing by and beg for refreshing drinks.

Pandas drink up all coca-cola they get, however, when they are given bottles with mineral water, they throw the bottles away as soon as they take only one sip, Xinhua agency informs.

The Shanghai pandas are the national symbol and the pride of the zoo, they live in cages with installed air conditioners.

Last week the temperature was above 35 centigrade in eastern China. Zoo personnel feed the pandas up with extra portions of cooled water-melons and apples, bring ice to the cages to relieve sufferings of the animals from the heat.

Pandas are not the only who suffer from the heat in China; Amur tigers that are under the threat of extinction, escape from the heat in the shadow. It is quite natural that the stately animals look miserable under such awful weather conditions.

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