Wasps grow wicked as they mate in Moscow

Muscovites are advised to keep away from wasps while the insects enjoy their mating season, to last until end of August.

These insects tend to be aggressive during their breeding period, and are known to attack humans. Wasps get particularly aggravated by dark clothes and sweet odours.

According to Moscow Nature Committee, wasps find it easier to neighbour with humans, which is why they often dwell near suburban cottages. Wasps have smooth stingers, enabling them to launch multiple attacks against their enemies and stay alive. Wasps do not carry infections but those stung are still strongly recommended to consult a physician, for many are unsuspectingly allergic to wasp's venom.

In any case, one should avoid confronting wasps, but if you happen to come under attack, soda lotion should be applied to the stings. Mashed ribwort, raw potatoes and dandelion juice also help relieve the pain.

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