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In Fact, Mickey Mouse Is 703 Years Old!

A fresco depicting Saint Christopher painted 703 years ago was discovered in the Australian settlement of Malta (the federal land of Karnten). The director of the tourism association of the Malta River valley says that a real Mickey Mouse was depicted near Saint Christopher. The picture of Mickey Mouse looks like the figure of the mouse designed by Walt Disney in 1928.

Expert on arts Eduard Malknecht says that “there are fishes, jellyfishes, sea-horses, and… a Mickey Mouse around Saint Christopher on the fresco. The figure currently known as Mickey Mouse probably depicted a beaver or a weasel.” The art expert says that the likeness of the ancient animal with the modern Mickey Mouse is so striking that the Walt Disney Corporation may lose the copyright toMickey Mouse.

However, the Malta burgomaster is more friendly disposed. He suggests that the astonishing discovery may make Hollywood the twin city of Malta; when Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes California's governor, he may come and see Malta’s Mickey Mouse.