The Law: Oral Sex Innocent Fun for All!

A group of Thai judges gave a definition to conjugal infidelity. From now on, oral sex isn’t adultery at all, and it isn’t classified as "sex." Now, married men and women in Thailand can enjoy oral sex without shame, without the fear of being caught.

The Thai judges decided that it was actually very important to define what is adultery in fact and what isn't in order to make divorce suits connected with sexual relations easier. Forty five of the sixty judges and consultants said that sex is only when partners have genital contact. The rest of the judges insisted that sex was any kind of contact when genitals of at least one partner involved. However, the majority dominated in the dispute, and oral sex was referred to the category of an innocent pastime no longer forbidden. The judges consider the recently passed verdict to be a very important decision, as it regulates relations between women and men. However, the decision is only a recommendation, and it can be applied optionally.

However, many judges think that the innovation will soon be introduced into legislation. The sexual tourism industry is prospering in Thailand; sexual amusements of all kinds are offered there. At the same time, although male, female, and trans-sexual prostitution is abundant in Thailand, officially, the country follows the strictest moral and ethical norms, saying that the population must behave decently. And the fact that oral sex is considered a innocent pastime now is a compromise between the political situation and reality.

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