Incredible: Is It Stallone or Rabinovich?

The mother of the famous American actor Sylvester Stallone traveled to the Ukrainian city of Odessa to find information about her ancestors. According to Interfax, Jacqueline Stallone says that she had learnt from KGB officers many years ago that her grandmother Rosa Rabinovich used to live in Odessa. Now, the Stallone family is restoring its family tree.

“Odessa is a very romantic place. I believe that our ancestors may have come from this city, as Sylvester and I are really very energetic people, we both are fond of sports and used to work in the circus,” Jacqueline said at a press-conference in Odessa on Friday.

“My grandma was a very rich woman who wore luxurious jewelry. She never worked, as she devoted most of her time to upbringing her sons. At that, she had a terrible accent, and she never spoke English. I wondered where the strange accent was coming from, but grandma never told me she used to live in Odessa.”

Jacqueline hopes to find out information about her grandma in the city records and expects that journalists will help her with it as well. In addition, Jacqueline Stallone herself casts horoscopes, and, according to her, she is the most famous astrologer in the world, who had cast Mikhail Gorbachev’s horoscope and forecast the events that are currently happening in Japan and the USA. “I was the only astrologer to forecast Bush-Jr’s victory during the presidential election. I was the only one to forecast that the margin would make up only 200 votes; none of the astrologers did, but I was correct. It is impossible to make mistakes in forecasts, because any mistakes can ruin the credibility of the astrologer. However, I sometimes run such risks.”

Jacqueline Stallone and her husband departed Odessa last Sunday.

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