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World Sleep Day: Russians dream of fish and Putin

March 17 marks the World Sleep Day. Yandex analysts decided to find out what Russian see in their dreams most often. The survey revealed that dreams do not depend on a place, where a person lives. People living in different parts of Russia may see the same objects in their dreams.

Interestingly, women seek interpretation of their dreams ten times more often than men do. Most frequently, women see pregnancy and children in their dreams. Russian men often see women, teeth and snakes.

Fish appear in the dreams of both men and women alike, no matter whether they live in central Russia or in Siberia.

At the same time, there are specific dreams for separate Russian regions. In Ingushetia, for example, people dream of objects, animals and plants of white color - from bed sheets to horses. Tigers more often appear in the dreams of those living in the Far East. Residents of Chukotka, Magadan region and Yakutia often see bears in their dreams.

The person who appears in the dreams of Russian citizens most often is President Putin. Most frequently, Putin appears in the dreams of residents of Chechnya, the study revealed.


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