Moscow beauty doctor disfigures faces of dozens of women

Dozens of women Muscovites seek legal action to be taken against a beauty doctor, to whom they had addressed for lip correction surgery. Instead of making her clients more beautiful, the doctor deformed their faces. 

The doctor, who advertised herself as an experienced beautician, would receive clients at her home. Instead of using the promised hyaluronic acid, the doctor used a biopolymer - a drug that is banned in many countries of the world. 

"This is a group of gels based on polyacrylamide that is not approved for use on the territory of the Russian Federation. All cases of the use of this substance lead to problems and complications that may appear either immediately, after an injection, or several years afterwards. These gels are cheaper," Anton Zakharov, the head of the department of plastic surgery said.  

After an injection, the drug acts like semolina, creates bumps and leads to inflammation. Unlike the hyaluronic acid, polyacrylamide acquires fibrosis. To remove it from their lips, victims of the pseudo-beautician had to undergo additional expensive surgery. 

"This surgery is very painful, and the recovery takes a long time. A patient can neither eat normally nor speak for a month after the surgery. Smiling is impossible during three months after the operation," one of the victims, Evgenia Shagarova said. 


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