Pack of wolves attack man in dogsled in Russian national park

A pack of wolves attacked a dogsled with a man in Beringia National Park in Chukotka, Russia's Far East. Such an incident has happened in the park for the first time, a message posted on the website of the natural-ethnic National Park said. 

The incident occurred on March 9, when a highly experienced musher Mikhail Telpin, a winner of Russian and International sled dog races, was riding a team of dogs in Penkigney bay area. All of a sudden, a pack of wolves appeared on the way - two adults and three juveniles.

The young wolves attacked. "They tried to bite the dogs, despite my screams and gestures, while the adult wolves were sitting at a distance watching for a while," said Telpin. "This is amazing, but the wolves were not at all disturbed by the presence of man," said the musher. 

According to him, the first attack lasted for about five minutes, and then the wolves left. The musher decided to continue the ride and sent the dogs in the direction opposite to where the wolves left. However, some time later, the wolves caught up with the dogs again.

The second attack continued for about ten minutes. Like in the first attack, the adults were watching the young predators attacking. The young wolves then stopped the attack and the pack left, the musher said. 

An inspector of the national park said that it was the first time when wolves attacked a man in the area. "There were incidents before, when polar bears attacked humans. It happened in 2006, when a bear with a cub approached a local village. This incident is very unique, because one can come across wolves in the tundra very rarely. The wolf is the smartest beast, but in this case the wolves came out to a human themselves," inspector Artur Apalyu said.