Europeans slaughter animals for fun. Shocking video

A slaughterhouse in France has attracted international attention after the video footage of extremely brutal handling of animals by employees surfaced on the Internet.

The disturbing video shows slaughterhouse employees killing animals with electriс shock and cutting them  alive. Employees can be seen giggling and laughing while doing that. The footage shows a cow and a pig kicking and struggling as their throats were slit in the "humane and organic" slaughterhouse in southern France, The Daily Mail reports.

The footage shows domestic animals being slaughtered for meat. Normally, workers stun them unconscious before killing them. Yet, in the French slaughterhouse, abattoir workers stab them while they are still conscious and struggling.

Reports of brutal abuse of animals create international scandals in Europe on a regular basis. In Denmark, for example, they dismembered a zoo animal in 2015 and broadcast the process online for everyone who wanted to see it, including children.

On the Faeroe Islands, there is a "tradition" to slaughter whales in an event that looks like "festive massacre." Parents bring their children to the site of the massacre to see the killings of dolphins and sit on top of the beheaded and disemboweled sea mammals. According to the locals, this is a tradition, in which young men prove their adolescence. No one tries to stop this butchery.

In May 2015, Danish radio DJs killed a baby rabbit with a bike pump on air to spark a debate about "animal welfare." The rabbit that was only nine months old was later skinned and eaten by one of the DJs with his children.

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