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Coffin for rent service to appear in Moscow

A Moscow entrepreneur intends to offer a new service on the market of funeral services. The service will give people an opportunity to rent an expensive, decorated coffin for the viewing ceremony before burial.

The businessman submitted an application for the registration of "coffin for rent" service at the Moscow department of Rospatent (the Russian Patent Agency). For the time being, the company called Necropolis is developing a "coffin for rent" trademark.

According to company founder Ivan Moiseyev, the idea of renting a coffin is second to none. He says that this will give people an opportunity to bid farewell to their deceased loved one by putting the body in an expensive, adorned coffin. After the ceremony, the body would be put into a cheaper coffin for burial.

According to the businessman, the daily rent will be worth ten percent of the cost of the coffin (from 500 to 7,000 rubles, or up to $90).


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