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Police attack black girls in bikinis at pool party in Texas. Video

A curious video has recently appeared on the Internet. In the video, one can see police officers chasing after teenagers at a pool party. The teenagers were simply afraid and didn't want to be hurt.

The video was originally posted on Facebook and has since gone viral online. At one point a cop can be seen assaulting a female. She appears to be doing nothing but sitting on the grass and asking to speak with her mother. The cop can be seen yanking her by the arm and twisting her around like a wet dish rag.

According to the initial witness reports, a neighbor decided it would be a good idea to call the cops after seeing a "large gathering" at the pool. 

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The girl who was attacked by the officer was not doing anything but sitting on the grass, as can be seen in the video. While a few of these teens ran from the cops out of fear and to avoid violence, none of them appear to be doing anything that would endanger police. 

Yet police felt the need to escalate the tension. At a disturbing climax in the video, a cop can be seen pulling his gun out and aiming it at teenagers when they tried to intervene and stop the attack on the girl in the bikini.

"Put your face in the ground!" the officer can be heard saying to the girl, as he rams her face down.

"I told you to sit!" said the officer.


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