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Russian woman uses her buttocks for advertising


A young female resident of the city of Perm found a very unusual way to make some money. To promote a product of a certain company, the woman made a tattoo of the company logo on her buttocks.  

The woman, named only as Yana, will receive 5,000 rubles ($100) a month to advertise an extreme computer game. Every day, the woman will have to wear very short pants that reveal the tattoo on her buttocks

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The woman works as a waitress. Her boyfriend does not mind the "job". However, when the weather became chilly, Yana started wearing warm trousers. Yana's "employer" suggested the woman should put on a swimsuit and go to a pool. 

In 2004, a US woman received $10,000 from a company, the logo of which she tattooed on her forehead. 


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