Man commits suicide after authorities euthanize his dog

In Denmark, a man committed suicide after local authorities seized and euthanized his dog. The man, named only as Dan, was 27 years of age, Pravda.Ru reports. 

Dan's dog, Zanto, was one of the breeds that was banned in Denmark. Under the Danish law, the burden to prove dog breed is placed upon owners. When he was unable to do so, authorities seized the dog and put it down. Soon after Zanto was taken, his owner overdosed on pain medication, Pravda.Ru says. 

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The decision to euthanize the dog was made in accordance with Denmark's Breed Specific Legislation on Pit Bulls. Danish legislation titled the "Dog Act" also dictates that police are required to euthanize dogs that "savage" a person or another dog. Even though Zanto hadn't attacked anyone, he was simply considered an illegal breed.

Denmark's Dog Act bans the ownership and breeding of 13 breeds of dogs, including the Pitt Bull Terrier, Kangal, South Russian Shepherd Dog and American Bulldog. Some breeds have been illegal since 1991, but legislation in 2010 brought the number to 13.

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