USA: Students not allowed to classes until they pass a three-hour course of retraining feminism

College students in USA now must undergo three hour feminist re-education courses before they are allowed to enroll in their classes.

The company called "We and Violence" provides such courses. This company mission is based on

"50 years of feminist anti-violence work" and is designed to " and masculinity". This is mentioned on this company's profile.

The courses force students to be "politically correct" with the women. For example: not to blame a woman named Jill for the fact that she got drunk at a party and slept with a man.

After 3 hours of courses students have to take a quiz and need 80% to pass, states the student who poster the information about these courses on forum.

These questions are pertinent given erroneous claims perpetuated for years by feminists that one in five female college students are victims of sexual assault. The real figure is 0.03 in 5, according to Justice Department - less than females in the general population.

This course is mandatory for all 1st and 2nd year students as a result of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act, which requires "universities to provide sexual violence prevention and awareness programs ." Students are also mandated to complete similar "refresher" courses on an annual basis.

Despite the fact that less than a quarter of American women identify as feminists amidst a deluge of evidence that suggests 3rd wave feminism is about social engineering and not gender equality, some are pushing to make gender studies classes mandatory in all US colleges.

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