Why do young American doctors often commit suicide?

Doctors in the United States of America are prone to suicide, drug and alcohol abuse. The profession of a doctor is highly stressful indeed, although it is also possible that US doctors feel very guilty for being a part of the medical industry that does very little to help people. 

Over 400 doctors kill themselves every year and many more show severe signs of depression, Dr. Pamela Wible said in her report. In 2005, it was revealed that male doctors killed themselves at a rate 70% higher than the average professional, with female doctors ranging from 250% to 400% higher than the average professional.

Medical workers also suffer from drug and alcohol abuse at a rate much higher than the average person. According to government statistics, roughly nine percent of Americans suffer from alcoholism while about 10-15 percent of doctors have a problem with alcohol.

Many people, who want to work as doctors, start working in the medical industry  with good intentions. They decide to devote their life to medicine with hopes of being able to help people. Unfortunately, after they sink thousands of dollars and years of their lives into schooling, they become doctors and learn that although they may help people every now and then, they spend most of their days peddling big pharma drugs that don't actually help people.

As a result, many doctors soon find that they work in a corrupt industry. Some get addicted to alcohol or drugs, others kill themselves. 

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