Naked Men Get Excited Over Dressed Salesgirls in the South of France

Languedoc Roussillon in the Mediterranean cost of France has become a very fashionable naturist resort. There is a naked city over there, where it is a common rule for everyone to walk around absolutely naked.

Those people, who hate wearing clothes, go there from all over the world. Nudists say that they get the best rest with their clothes off. Their affirmation is generally confirmed by psychologists, who think that wearing clothes makes a human being more closed.

Travel agencies for naturists have this motto: “As soon as you get used to walking around naked, you will feel free and happy.” Those agencies are in great demand for respectable people, judges, celebrities.

The entrance to the naked city is protected by the police. Those, who just wish to go there to stare, will have to pay a lot of money.

Russian tourists, who have experienced the naked vacation, said that the hardest thing for them was to leave a hotel room without any clothes on for the first time. Before making a step out of the room, you need to cover your whole body with tan cream. You might get a sunburn otherwise.

The majority of Russian naturists are basically intelligent people with higher education and without any prejudice. They want to show off, trying to prove everyone that naked Russians are not worth than naked Germans, for instance.

Needless to mention that being naked in public is harder to men, than to women. At times, some amateur male nudists stare too long at big boobs of a hot blond. Then they are horrified of having something getting harder in public. There is nothing scary about it, really. Experienced naturists say that it is easy to get rid of that surprise, if you go to chill out and swim in the sea.

New people are very conspicuous there for their awkward and shy behavior. They also can be recognized for their pale butts. The first thing they want to do is to go to a nude beach. Swimming trunks or bathing suits are out of the question there. Nakedness makes everyone equal. However, some people find a way out to distinguish themselves. Some of them shave their hairy places in a specific way, others make piercing or tattoo shows (in very intimate body parts). Women wear waist chains, men wear medallions. You can also see a wide variety of dyed hair and sun glasses.

Naked beaches are patrolled by a couple of naked men. They never allow anyone put some clothes on. Only shop assistants and waiters are allowed to wear clothes. The shops of the naked city are very convenient: shoppers do not have to look for a fitting room to try a new dress or underwear on. At night naked people go to the naked dancing.

A day or two later people notice changes in their perception of the people around. Men stop paying attention to naked women. Yet, they get excited over dressed salesgirls. However, a naked person, leaving a hotel room, always has this weird feeling, as if he or she forgot something in the room.

Doctors call this rest psychological relaxation. This kind of rest is recommended to the people that are tired of permanent stress at work and at home.