Can you marry the first comer?

RIA Novosti informs that one of the Spanish popular private TV channels, Antenna-3, has launched an unusual show called All For Love. The show is unusual because young people get acquainted right at the show and get married immediately, right in the studio.

The reality show is similar to an American TV show. Right in the TV studio, a girl in a wedding dress makes a proposal to a young man who allegedly gets to the studio right from the street. The young man is given half an hour to think the proposal over and discuss the upcoming event with his friends and relatives. If the reply is positive, the young couple gets officially married right in the studio; a judge is traditionally invited to the show for this very purpose.

In accordance to the old tradition, every bride gets her marriage portion. The sum of the portion given to Antenna-3 brides isn’t published, although the amount is very likely rather high. Only one of the six young men, who were invited for the first show to the studio and proposed, dared to refuse to marry a girl whom he saw for the first time in his life. Other young men and girls were officially registered as husbands and wives right at the show.

However, the new show raised a hail of protests and displeasure among Spanish TV and film critics. One of them says that “the abominable show which copies the abominable American TV programs” is humiliating not only for the audience, but even for the very feeling of love. And the opinion is really popular among other Spanish TV critics.

Nevertheless, the first show All For Love attracted a really big audience. The Antenna-3 leadership says that three more programs of this kind are to be televised, after which it will be decided whether the show will be regular or not.

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