Patient infected with HIV during heart surgery


Patient infected with HIV during heart surgery. 53925.jpeg

In Chelyabinsk, a local resident was infected with HIV during a blood transfusion operation.

"In August of this year, during a blood transfusion operation, a 56-year old local resident received blood from an HIV-positive individual. All circumstances of the incident are being investigated," officials said.

For the time being it remains unknown where the hospital received the blood from. It was later reported that the patient was infected with HIV as surgeons were performing a surgery on the man's heart. Most likely, the chief of the blood transfusion lab that issued passport for the donor material may appear as the prime suspect. In Chelyabinsk, there are only two blood transfusion stations.

As LifeNews reports, the man learned that he was HIV-infected a few months later, during a routine blood test.