Burglar Complains About Quality of Stolen Goods

It is astounding, but not only customers are dissatisfied with the quality of some products, thieves are as well. For instance, a thief stole a car stereo from an automobile, but the man disliked the quality of the radio so much, he even left a note for the radio owner.

It is quite logical that robbers, burglars, and thieves are not extremely polite and ceremonious owing to the peculiarities of their profession, but some of them even push the limits. Some thieves dare to criticize the quality of goods they steal. A thief specializing in breaking car locks and stealing car radios and other items noticed an attractive car. When the thief successfully broke into the car, he saw that the car radio was of poor quality. When the man understood that he would have to leave getting nothing for the trouble, he decided to write a note for the car owner to express his dissatisfaction with the radio's quality.

The owner of the car, a German guy from a small town not far from Frankfurt, told the police that when he returned to his car, he noticed that the lock was broken and somebody probably broke into the vehicle. The driver was extremely surprised to see that the car radio, the goal of almost all such thieves, was safely lying on the seat. It is a mystery why the burglar was so noble and left the radio in the car. But the mystery was solved immediately, when the car owner saw a note attached to the radio. And the note read, “Your radio sucks! It is not worth stealing!”

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Author`s name: Editorial Team