The Horrors and Changes of Islamic Sex

There are young sex doctors in the Islamic world nowadays. They are trying to find out with their European and American colleagues what Arab sex is like in the up-to-date world.

There was recently a conference held in Lebanon that gathered graduates from Oxford, Colombia University, and the American university in Beirut. It was discovered after the first day of the conference that Islamic countries do not practice romantic sex, the description of which can be found in book of Shekherezade’s fairytales, “1001 Night."

Instead of romance, Islamic sex characterized by sexual roughness, brutality towards children, and bloody violence. Some Arab countries still have a medieval custom, according to which the groom’s relatives have the opportunity to beat up (or even kill) the bride’s family if it becomes known that she is not a virgin. A Shariat Court will bring a conditional sentence, since the bride’s disgrace will be considered extenuating circumstance for such a horrid crime.

Such murders are widely spread in the countries of the Middle East as well. A fiance who looses her virginity prior to her marriage might easily be killed. This is considered to be absolutely normal. Up to 20 thousand such murders take place in Jordan each year. Travelers say that there is a “tower of death” built on an island not far from the shores of Yemen. This tower is meant for those women who have lost their innocence before marriage or for those who have cheated on their husbands. Men take such women like to the top of the tower and push them off. Horrible screams of dying women can be heard in coastal settlements.

If a woman gives birth to an illegitimate child in Morocco, she will be jailed for six months. Her child will be taken away from her and placed in a special shelter. The woman’s family will have to pay a very large fine.

The laws of Arab countries stipulate very brutal punishments for homosexuality. For example, gay men are castrated in Arab countries. If a woman is a lesbian, she might have her tongue cut off and her head shaved bald.

As it became known during the conference, young people, especially students, try to avoid these medieval laws. Official morality does not often correspond to what happens in the intimate spheres of the modern Islamic community. The latest opinion polls show that only 50% of girls are virgins by the time of marriage in Lebanon. It is now considered to be ok, taking into consideration the fact that the father of such a girl pays a certain sum of money to the groom's family. The percentage of “disgraced” fiances is even higher in the countries of North Africa. They treat the love of hot-blooded Arab men to young girls with understanding. Rich men can sell these “damaged” beauty girls to poorer men afterwards.

The situation with gay people is basically the same. Boys can be “spoiled” in rich families beginning with the age of five. Arab jails have a rule to humiliate young handsome prisoners: first, by guards, and then, by other cellmates. Some of the participants of the conference said that Saudi men have a special passion for homosexual love, in spite of the fact that they try to teach the rest of the Arab world Shariat law.

There is even a special television program broadcast at night in Lebanon. This program attempts to unveil the mystery of Islamic sex life. This program has set record ratings in the Arab world. The program is open for any kind of discussion, from oral sex to homosexuality and incest. Gay men often participate in the program to stand up for their "rights." However, they prefer to wear white masks, just in case. Lesbians can talk about the pleasure of lesbian love. Nothing like this could have been imagined in the Arab world just a couple of years ago. This was probably the reason why the participants of the conference harshly criticized Western culture. They claimed that Western culture demoralized Islamic spiritual values, provoking such television shows to appear. “Soon, we will have our wives charging us for every sexual intercourse, as it now occasionally happens in the United States of America,” – one of the conference members claimed. Someone answered him that American men were not stupid either: “At times, they add some sleeping substance to their wives’ food or drinks, and then they can easily have sex for free.”

The conference came to the conclusion that the indications of a "sexual revolution" are showing up more and more in the Islamic world. Thousands of refugees from Lebanon and Palestine assisted in the development of this situation. Refugees travel to a lot of various countries. After they come back to their homeland, they are not afraid of Quran-tabooed subjects.

Furthermore, many Arab women get rid of their husbands’ power and become independent figures either in business or in politics. Television programs and shows with sexual contents also have a huge influence on the people of the Arab world. It goes without saying that it is impossible to cancel all medieval laws of Shariat. An Egyptian journalist once said to his foreign colleagues that young Arab men and women use the following principle in their sexual relations: “a guilty person is not the one who steals but the one who gets caught.”

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