Man Steals Panties from Woman

A 32-year-old Estonian man attacked a local woman in the street and ordered her to take her clothes off. According to police officers, the man was not going to rape the woman. He was hunting for her panties, which he wanted to steal from her and wear them himself.

“The woman asked the man what he wanted her to take off. The man ordered her to get rid of her stockings and panties. When the criminal got those items in his hands, he ran away, having taken the woman's purse as well,” a police officer said to local journalists.

The victim of this weird attack described the man who stole her lingerie, and the police started searching for the criminal. The drunken fetishist was nabbed after several hours. While being taken to a police station, the man tried to hide the woman’s stockings between the seats of the police car, but he did not manage to do so.

When the criminal was finally taken to the station (he was earlier convicted of theft and murder), the police officers were amazed to see that the man was wearing women’s underwear. The man had to confess that he has been going crazy for women's underwear for ten years already.

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