Male TV viewers do not watch news. They stare at pretty TV hosts

Male TV viewers do not perceive a news program very well, if a program is hosted by a pretty woman. This conclusion was made as a result of a recent research, which was conducted in Italy. Italian scientists tested the level of attention of 1500 Italian men, when they were watching news programs on television. The scientists discovered that the attention varied because of the looks of a TV host.

Almost three-thirds of men did not remember anything that was said in a news program during its first 30 seconds. They confessed that they were looking at the TV host, instead of listening to the news. However, they had their attention stabilized during the third minute of the program.

Seventy-two men remembered almost every little detail of the news program, if it was hosted by an unattractive woman without any makeup. Only 40% of men had no difficulties to remember the news that they heard from a pretty TV host. Fifty-eight percent of men confessed that they paid their attention to hosts’ lips first and foremost.

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