"Jennifer's Body" to Hit Theatres

"Jennifer's Body" to Hit Theatres
"Jennifer's Body" with Megan Fox will hit theatres today . Megan Fox is described as a mix of exuality, humor, crazy comments and horror. In an interview with ABC News Now's "Popcorn with Peter Travers," Fox said that movie studios "underestimate audiences in general and market to them as if they're stupid."
To wit, as if the legion of male fans weren't paying enough attention to her, the buildup to the film's opening has included releasing pictures of an on-screen girl-on-girl kiss with her co-star Amanda Seyfried; tales of fighting on the set of "Transformers;" and a tongue-in-cheek fake PSA where Fox appears as herself to speak out against bullying in high school.
Her message garnered millions of hits on the Web and offered an irreverent, if not original, solution: "I say f*** 'em...what really matters is being yourself and if that means slowly killing and eating every boy at your school well then I say do it. Nothing is more important than just being who you are."
This dark humor and its strong leading lady are what differentiate "Jennifer's Body" from other horror films, and Megan Fox seems to relish her new role as a "psycho," ABC News reports
New agencies also report, Emo is literally evil in Jennifer’s Body. Screenwriter Diablo Cody’s follow-up to her Oscar-winning Juno features a teenage groupie impregnated by demons. Its dorks aren’t virginal. Its slut doesn’t die (well, maybe technically.) And Megan Fox proves capable of carrying a movie on her supernaturally good-looking shoulders.
In fact, if an actress other than Fox had been cast as the titular succubus, Jennifer’s Body might be a bit less compelling. Her much-ballyhooed beauty makes it seem entirely plausible that animalistic man-eating makes her “really pretty and glowy,” according to her best nerdly friend, Needy (Amanda Seyfried). When Fox is on screen, you can’t take your eyes off her. Even when the beast within Jennifer is hungry and she turns “ugly… well, ugly for her,” Fox has got the stunning face and teeny waist that keep on giving.
"Jennifer’s Body" may tamp the anti-Cody movement’s vitriol. Its invented hipsterisms are significantly toned down compared to Juno (though as in that film, many of the characters sound the same). More important, though, horror fans will likely be bored. There’s gore, but not a high body count, and cheap scares are rare. Though director Karyn Kusama’s stylistic flair complements the lower-key frights, such that the film is interesting to look at even when it dips into predictable OMG! plotting. Jennifer’s heightened senses, for example, are demonstrated by the camera zooming in a beeline from a distance to right up close to her first victim, and a gut-tearing murder is shown in silhouette. Plus, it’s cool when Jennifer, Prom Queen gives way to flashes of Jennifer, Satan’s Pawn, her eyes turning catlike or her body suddenly levitating or wracked by those ungodly roars.
Cody’s comedy may not match Scream‘s deftness, but the tonal shifts rarely seem out of place. (When Chip asks if Needy noticed the make and model of the band’s van, she answers, “I don’t know, an ‘89 Rapist?”) The state of “indie” rock gets its deserved share of kicks—Low Shoulder’s reasoning for dabbling in the Satanic is hilarious. But then, the film’s resolution is too ridiculous and too easy. Even diehard Cody fans will have to admit that it finale jumps the corpse. PopMatters reports.
It was also reported, flash back to late 2007, a time when filmgoers were discovering a tiny little film called "Juno" and finding it as refreshing as a swig of Sunny D. Writer Diablo Cody was in the process of winning an Oscar for Best Screenplay; Megan Fox had recently broken through with the year's highest-grossing film, "Transformers"; Amanda Seyfried was on the verge of her own breakthrough as she filmed "Mamma Mia!"; and Fox purchased the rights to Cody's follow-up script that would soon unite the fast-rising Hollywood talents, MTV.com reports.