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Two Brazilians live on building's wall

Two street artist brothers from Rio de Janeiro are living out their daily lives on the side of a building. There ara living over the edge — literally: sleeping, working and eating on the side of a building 33 feet (10 meters) up in the air. Twenty-seven-year-old Tiago Primo and his 20-year-old brother Gabriel spend 12 hours a day in the bed, hammock, chair and dining table they've attached to a bright red-and-yellow wall as part of an art exhibit in Rio's old center.

The brothers are equipped with mountain climbing gear, and if nature calls, can scramble over to the verandah of a neighboring art gallery, where an indoor bathroom awaits.

The brothers have been hanging out wall-side since the end of May. They plan to continue the display until Aug. 20, The Associated Press reports.

The brothers, both artists, said the main challenges of staying on the wall were rain, physical fitness and dealing with drunks who wanted to tell them their life stories at night. The two have to leave the wall for bathroom breaks.

They say the project is meant to challenge people's ideas about living space and provoke reactions from passers-by.

"Is it a protest?" asked Marcos Nascimento, 50, as he photographed the brothers with his cellphone. "If only everybody had the time to do this kind of thing," Reuters informs.