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Disabled man banned for drink driving in wheelchair

Barmy German bureaucrats have banned a disabled man from 'driving' for a month after he was caught drink driving – in his wheelchair.

Michael S. (20) of Hagen was stopped by police at 1:05am, when he was seen swerving back and forth in his electric wheelchair.

The student was on his way home from a birthday party and after drinking beer and schnapps, he could barely drive in a straight line. He even fell out of his chair at one point.

Because it was Michael’s first offence, the judge charged him with negligent drunkenness in street traffic and slapped him with a €100 fine. But the half-witted authorities didn't stop there and banned the disabled man from driving in his wheelchair for one month!

Michael said: “I didn’t know that I’m not allowed to drive drunk! I made a mistake but I am also dependent on my wheelchair.”

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