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Ten dead bodies recovered from serial killer’s backyard in Indonesia

Police investigating a suspected serial killer in eastern Indonesia said Monday they had recovered 10 bodies - most buried in the man's backyard.

Verry Henyanksyah, 30, was arrested last week after confessing to murdering his lover and leaving the mutilated corpse in a suitcase in the capital, Jakarta, said police spokesman Abu Bakar Nataprawira.

Since then, nine bodies have been found behind Henyanksyah's home in Jombang, a town in East Java province, including a mother and her 3-year-old daughter.

Television footage showed hundreds of villagers gathering around the field Monday as authorities pulled severely decomposed corpses from the ground. Police said the bodies showed signs of injuries consistent with being hit.

Police said the motive for the apparent murders, believed to have occurred over a one-year period, remained unclear.