Dismembered male body found in suitcase in Indonesia

Indonesian police were questioning a man Tuesday on suspicion that he murdered his lover and at least four other people, a police detective said.

Verry Henyanksyah was arrested last week after a dismembered male body was found in a suitcase in the capital, Jakarta, said police Col. Carlo Tewu.

He said Henyanksyah allegedly said the victim was his lover and confessed to the murder. He then led police to four other bodies buried outside his parents' home in east Java, Tewu said.

Henyanksyah told police all the victims were male and that one was a Dutch citizen, he said. The bodies, which were unearthed Monday, were too decomposed to immediately identify them or establish their sex.

Tewu said he feared Henyanksyah may have killed more people, and urged residents to inform police if they knew anyone who had contact with Henyanksyah and then disappeared.

Over the past month, Indonesia has executed four people convicted for murder, two of whom were serial killers.