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Employee kills 4 and then himself after argument with supervisor

An employee shot and killed four people at a plastics plant before killing himself early Wednesday, police said.

The shooting happened after an employee at Atlantis Plastics had an argument with a supervisor, Henderson police Lt. David Piller said.

Two other people were injured and were flown to hospitals in Evansville, Indiana, Piller said.

He said the employee used a handgun he retrieved during a break and that the victims were scatted around the plant.

"It appears the shooting was random at this time," Piller said.

Police did not say if the supervisor with whom the employee argued was among the victims.

A woman who answered the phone at a number for Atlantis Plastics declined to give her name and would only say that the company would not comment until a 3 p.m. news conference.

Names of those involved have not been released.

Hours after the shooting, police had set up a roadblock on the street leading to the plant, which is in an industrial area on the southern side of Henderson.

Other employees at the plant were sent home.