Scientists warn skin-cancer risk of sunbed

The use of ultraviolet-radiation devices, tanning lamps and sunbeds, to achieve and maintain cosmetic tanning, is likely to increase the risk of malignant melanoma of the skin, warned the Scientific Committee on Consumer products (SCCP) to the European Commission.

Scientists recommend that people with known risk factors, such as skin with high sunburn susceptibility, none or poor tanning ability, the presence of freckles, atypical and/or multiple moles and a family history of melanoma should not use tanning devices for cosmetic purposes. Equally, individuals under 18 should not use tanning devices since the risk of melanoma seems to be particularly high when using them at a young age, informs Beauty on-line.

According to Medical News Today, a s tanning devices are more dangerous for younger people, the EU commission also advises people under 18 not to use them. In order to prevent misuse, the Commission calls on Member Governments and manufacturers of sunbeds and tanning lamps to make sure their devices have clear warnings and instructions.

Standards authorities should introduce UV limits in products and introduce a guidance for the industry and consumers. Solariums should apply these recommendations.

Commission Vice-President Günter Verheugen, responsible for enterprise and industry policy, said “The Commission calls upon Member States and the sun-bed industry to ensure that appropriate warnings and instructions are provided with sun-beds in order to reduce the risks of users developing related skin cancer. We call on Member States and industry to ensure an appropriate use of sun beds.”

European Health Commissioner,Markos Kyprianou stated, "I am concerned that indiscriminate use of these tanning devices for cosmetic purposes could lead to an increased incidence of skin cancers. We need to act rapidly to raise public awareness of the risks associated with sunbeds," reports World Fitness.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team