Gossiping is may be good for you health, say researchers

Bad gossip or sharing negative attitudes about others has its positive side. It can create or increase intimacy between two people, says a study.

In the study, researchers found that negative attitudes are frequently shared among friends and can even promote friendships among strangers, reported the science portal EurekAlert.

In the first two parts of the study, the researchers instructed two groups of participants of the study to list the positive and negative attitudes they shared at the early and later stages of close relationships. Both groups recalled more negative than positive attitudes about other people, reports Hindustan Times.

The authors found that those whose partners had a mutual dislike of the third person felt closer to this stranger than those who shared a liking.

The researchers said gossip is alluring because it establishes in-group or out-group boundaries, boosts self-esteem and conveys highly informative information about the attitude holder.

"We certainly do not deny that gossip behaviour has it drawbacks," the study authors and researchers state.

"Still, if there is a positive side of gossip, we believe it is that shared, mild, negative attitudes toward others can create and/or amplify interpersonal intimacy," it said, informs Zee News.