Gerard Depardieu plan on putting an end to his prolific film career

French film star Gerard Depardieu interviewed by Le Parisien on the set of the upcoming Michou d'Auber, said he did not want to "hang on like an idiot". His agent said the actor, who made his first film in 1967, should not be taken at face value but would be appearing on screen much less than before.

The Green Card star is due to start work on a third Asterix film next year. Depardieu said he was "in the process of stopping filming." "I have nothing to lose," he told Le Parisien's Sunday edition. "I have made 170 films. I have nothing left to prove," reports BBC News. According to Guardian, Depardieu's agent, Claude Davy, said he had been hearing such declarations for "at least a decade" but said it was true that the actor was "increasingly tired of the movie business" and may do "one movie every three years rather than three every year". O.Ch.