'Da Vinci' film splits British churches

Hollywood celebrity Tom Hanks was met by protesting nuns other than by fans at Lincoln Cathedral, where he arrived for shooting "Da Vinci Code" film. The nuns held a demonstration outside the cathedral, which doubles for Westminster Abbey in the novel. The reverends from Westminster Abbey refused to let the producers shoot the film in the abbey. The Lincoln Cathedral's Dean the Very Reverand Alec Knight, has dismissed Dan Brown's bestseller, which claims Jesus married Mary Magdalene and fathered a child, as "a load of old tosh."

But he was unable to turn down an offer from the Sony Pictures producers to donate J100,000 to be allowed to film there. The ministers of religion also hope that the shooting will attract tourists who contribute their share into collecting money for the cathedral.

"To a believer, any believer, what is happening is blasphemous," said a woman identifying herself as Sister Mary Michael, who held a solo prayer vigil outside the medieval cathedral. "When I'm judged by almighty God, as all human beings, I'll be entitled to say that I have done my best", 61-year-old nun said.

It is curious, that "Da Vinci Code" was published under the characteristic name «Sakrileg» in Germany (the contamination of sanctuary {church}; sacrilege).

Dean is convinced, that the "book was thought to be blasphemy as it is said in the book, that Chrits's human nature contained the element of sexuality."

The novel condemned by the Vatican and Anglican Church leaders for distorting the Christian message, postulates that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and had children by her. After Messiah's crucifixion, his wife fled to Gallia, where she gave birth to the ancestors of the dynasty of "long-haired" - Frankish kings of Merovingian. Abbot thinks, that Brown's work is not heresy - as it is called by the participants of the protest, as it does not defile God. Night is sure, that the church should discuss the book openly, and not ignore it.

If you thought, that "Last Christ's temptation" (the film by director Martin Scorsese, 1988) was an explosion, than "Code da Vinci" is a real thermonuclear bomb," theologian-Baptist Albert Moeller does not agree with him.

Great Tom, the bell which strikes the hour at the cathedral, will be silent for the first time since World War II. Two weeks of set-building has transformed the interior of the cathedral into a Westminster lookalike after church leaders there refused to allow filming.

Winchester Cathedral and the Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh are also being used for filming parts of the movie. Their reverends also could not resist the mammon - Ron Howard and other producers.

Instead of Great Tom's tolling the voice of its namesake Tom Hanks who starrs as Robert Langdon will be heard. Frech actress Audry Tatou plays the part of Sophie Neveu. Other actors are get accustomed to the roles of policemen and members of the secret organizatiom Opus Dei.

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