Orgasm has a link with a woman`s genes

British scientists have discovered that a woman's genes might affect her ability to have an &to=http:// ' target=_blank>orgasm, which will help scientists find better treatments for sexual problems.

The new study was reported this week in Biology Letters, a journal of the Royal Society, Britain's independent academy of science.

Scientists from St. Thomas' Hospital in London sent questionnaires to 4,037 women who are part of the British twin registry, tells Xinhuanet.

"We found that between 34 percent and 45 percent of the variation in ability to orgasm can be explained by underlying &to=http:// ' target=_blank>genetic variation," said Tim Spector.

The results were similar to those of a study on Australian twins published earlier this year.

The idea that orgasm ability has a genetic component makes sense, said female orgasm expert Laura Berman.

A total of 32 per cent of the women in the study reported they never or infrequently experienced an orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Genetic comparison showed that 34 per cent of the variation during intercourse was inherited. However, Prof Spector said the true figure - which could only be found from a sex study in a laboratory rather than a survey which relied on people's memory - was likely to be higher, at about 60 per cent.

He speculated that a genetic make-up which made it harder to orgasm could actually be an evolutionary advantage for women: "If a woman orgasms too easily, the theory goes, they wouldn't be selecting partners very well. The theory is that the fact that it takes a woman six times as long to reach orgasm is a test for the men.

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