Teenagers: taking legal drugs illegally?

A study by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America into teen drug abuse has found that the new fad among teenagers is to take "legal drugs illegally."

The findings of the 17th annual study by the organization were released on Thursday and they provide food for thought. Consider this, one in five American teens has taken painkillers to get high, while one in 11 has abused over the counter products such as cough medicine.

The study questioned 7,300 teenagers about their drug use in 2004 and had startling answers to contend with. Most teenagers admitted that it was not Ecstasy or Speed, which gave them the high, but everyday painkillers like Vicodin, which seem to have replaced the former.

Fifty percent felt that the prescription drugs were much safer than those found on the streets. They also said that they did not believe that these were addictive. Teenagers are increasingly raiding their parents' medicine cabinets to steal their &to=http:// english.pravda.ru/columnists/2002/10/10/37993.html ' target=_blank>painkillers; this emerging trend is a cause for worry, the survey revealed, publishes the Earth Times.

According to the 17th annual Partnership Attitude Tracking Study conducted by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, the number of parents who report never talking with their child about drugs has doubled in the past six years, from 6 percent in 1998 to 12 percent in 2004. Fewer than one in three teens say they have learned a lot about the risks of drugs at home.

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