NASA's space probe to explore celestial explosions

NASA's space probe Swift roared into the orbit to explore the birth screams of &to=' target=_blank>black holes.

The observatory, which was launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida on Saturday, carries three telescopes that work together: the Burst Alert telescope built by the US space agency's Goddard research centre; an X-ray telescope built by Penn State University, the University of Leicester and the Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera; and an ultraviolet optical telescope, made by Penn State and University College London's Mullard Space Science Laboratory, according to the reports of Independent.

The $250m Nasa probe -- Swift -- shoulders the task of detecting and analysing gamma ray bursts, which astronomers believe represent the birth screams of black holes, informs Xinhua.

According to Indian Express, the Swift Spaoff Shortt spacecraft will try to unravel one of the strangest phenomena in the &to=' target=_blank>cosmos, an awesome fireworks display known as a gamma-ray burst. These bursts of energy, which occur on almost a daily basis in some corner of the universe, are the most intense burst of electromagnetic radiation ever measured.

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