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Zeta-Jones' stalker claims she's innocent

The woman accused of stalking Catherine Zeta-Jones has pleaded not guilty at her arraignment in Los Angeles.

Two weeks after being found mentally competent to stand trial, 33 year-old Dawnette Knight entered the pleas on one charge of stalking and 24 of making criminal threats.

Those threats are alleged to have been made in a number of letters sent by Ms Knight to both Ms Zeta-Jones and husband Michael Douglas, with whom prosecutors claim the defendant has admitted she was "infatuated", informs Guardian.

According to New Kerala, Knight, who was arrested on June 3, continues to be in jail pending payment of a million dollar bail amount.

"She's been in long enough. We all know that she's no threat to anyone. It's real hard to live in L.A. and stalk somebody who lives in Bermuda. So it just doesn't make any sense at all," her lawyer, Herman was quoted as saying in her defence.

"I'm afraid that we've gone much too far with something that is greatly overblown. It is my hope that justice will be done, and I'm confident that, in the end, justice will be done to my client, Dawnette Knight," he added.

The couple's publicists haven't bothered to comment on this new claim, but in the past Michael has denied claims of having met Dawnette.

The full trial starts on November 10th, reports BBC.