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The world welcomes the fastest computer ever to be made

&to=' target=_blank>International Business Machines Corp. has developed the world's fastest supercomputer, U.S. media reported.

The supercomputer, Blue Gene/L, is faster than NEC Corp.'s Earth Simulator, which had been the world's fastest with its ability to sustain speeds of 35.86 teraflops, or 35.86 trillion calculations per second, according to the reports.

IBM confirmed that its Blue Gene/L can sustain speeds of 36.01 teraflops at its manufacturing facility in Minnesota, the reports said.

IBM plans to commercialize the supercomputer as early as next year. The company said the machine's running cost is lower than that of the Earth Simulator because it consumes much less electricity.

German scientists are scheduled to release a list of the world's 500 fastest supercomputers in November, informs Forbes.

According to, The Blue Gene/L system reached a peak performance of 36.01 teraflops, eclipsing the top mark of 35.86 teraflops for the Earth Simulator. A teraflop represents one trillion calculations per second.

To be more cost effective, the Blue Gene/L system is about 100th the size of the Earth Simulator and consumers far less power, IBM said.

A teraflop is one trillion calculations per second.