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First Russian tomograph tested

Doctors have finished testing the first Russian computer tomograph at the Chelyabinsk regional oncology outpatient clinic in the South Urals. Talking to RIA Novosti, Andrei Vazhenin, the main regional oncologist, noted that the RKT No. 1 X-Ray tomograph, which had been developed by South Urals oncologists together with the Russian federal nuclear center's experts, will make it possible to diagnose and treat malignant tumors much more effectively than ever before. Malignant tumors will, from now on, be detected in their early stages.

General Electric Medical Systems, Siemens and Toshiba now turn out most computer tomographs; each of their computer tomographs costs about $1 million. According to Vazhenin, the Russian tomograph, which is priced at $300,000, boasts the same impressive specifications as its foreign-made equivalents. The Russian Health and Social Development Ministry would be expected to issue an official tomograph-production certificate to the federal nuclear center in fall 2004.