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Russians develop unique burn-treatment preparation

Scientists from Moscow's State University have come up with a really unique preparation, which effectively treats hitherto incurable burns, scars and trophic ulcers, reports the Khimiya I Zhizn (Chemistry And Life) magazine.

This medication, which was developed under the supervision of Galina Rudenskaya, D. Sc. (Chemistry), comprises protease ferments, i.e. collagenase, for the most part. Collagenase, which is obtained from king-crab internal organs, splits residual collagen, which the main element of human cartilage, tendons and skin, as well as tiny human-tissue pieces, into separate molecules, thus healing burns and trophic ulcers completely.

This ferment powder can be stored for several consecutive years at minus 20 degrees centigrade, with no harm to its properties. Moscow State University's chemists are now doing their best to master batch production of this new substance.