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Toshiba invents smallest methanol fuel cell ever

The world's smallest methanol fuel cell is said to be developed by Toshiba. This fuel cell is ideal for use in wireless headsets and other wearable electronics devices. The prototype direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) is roughly thumb-size, measuring 22 by 45 millimeters and weighs 8.5 grams.

This fuel cell can fit inside gadgets such as digital music players and power them for 20 hours on 2 cubic centimeters of methanol, says Junichi Nagaki a spokesperson for Toshiba in Tokyo, reports

According to, DMFCs, which generate water and carbon dioxide as byproducts, could do away with the need for recharging batteries.

Fuel cells, using hydrogen or alternative fuels such as methanol, are widely expected to replace existing lithium-ion batteries for mobile devices.

Nevertheless the retail prices for such cells are yet to be set. Toshiba expects to start massive production of DMFCs next year and produce a bigger cell for laptop PCs by the end of this year.