Virus attacks mobile phones

It has been announced today, that first ever computer virus that can infect mobile phones has been discovered. This announcement was made by the French unit of the Russian security software developer Kaspersky Labs. However, they added that up until now it has had no harmful effect, quotes

It appears that that virus appears to have been developed by an international group specialising in creating viruses which try to show "that no technology is reliable and safe from their attacks", reports

Named Cabir, the worm infects mobile phones running the Symbian operating system, Kaspersky said in an alert. Cabir appears to be a so-called "proof of concept" worm, and Kaspersky says it hasn't detected any signs that the worm is spreading.

Anyway, similarly to old-fashioned boot-sector viruses, Cabir will activate each time the phone is started, scan to nearby Bluetooth-enabled phones, and then transmit a copy of itself to the first phone it reaches.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team