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Dogs brighter, than thought before.

In this week's issue of Science a report is published, that is based on the swift ability of a border collie named Rico to quickly find out, that an unfamiliar word is the name for an unknown object, and to retain that knowledge. Scientists say this ability in dogs to match the same skill in a typical 3-year-old human, quotes

Rico lives with a family near the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig. Juliane Kaminski and her mentor, Julia Fischer, a developmental psychologist, learned that Rico, now 9, knows the names of 200 items.

That's not a shock to Calgary dog trainer Shauna Jannett. "(The findings) don't surprise me in the least," Jannett said, adding even old dogs can learn new words or tricks. "I have one dog that has a 50-trick repertoire that he knows all by word." Jannett owns six canines -- three border collies, two Australian shepherds and a pomeranian and says "they're all on equal ground" intellectually, reports has previoiusly reported of mobile phones designed for dog's usage. Now its obvious, that dogs will surely find out how to use them, soon. Maybe, without the help of their owners...