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Researchers possibly infected with anthrax due to a mix-up.

At least six researchers working on an anthrax vaccine at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute were exposed to the dangerous live agent, possibly due to a shipping mix-up, officials said Thursday, quotes repports that the incident poses no risk to any other staff, the surrounding community or Children's Hospital, which is located about one mile from the research facility, state health officials said.

Speaking at a news conference at the institute, Dr. Bertram Lubin, the institute's president, said the material was provided to the institute by Southern Research Institute in Frederick, Md., and was thought to contain "dead" anthrax. The bacteria was in a liquid solution and securely sealed, told

The same source reports, that, after being injected with the bacteria, laboratory mice began dying, with the first deaths occurring over the Memorial Day weekend.

State health officials visited the institute, reviewed the animal facilities and lab procedures and determined that the procedures used by the institute's staff would prevent any exposure to the bacteria that causes anthrax. On Wednesday afternoon, the FBI safely removed the bacteria from the institute's premises.