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Prepare for new surprises at a new Harry Potter film

It was probably not what J.K. Rowling had in mind when she wrote the third book of her famous series.

But it is how many a pre-teen muggle girl in Portland described Harry Potter Friday night, as they buzzed in and out of the opening of the long-awaited third movie.

"He is so hot, he is so cute," said eighth-grader Nasia Ashkir. "We've been waiting forever for this to come out."

Whether actor Daniel Radcliffe's hot-factor has blossomed in this latest installment of Harry Potter could be disputed among many of the muggle boys who also attended the movie. What they can all agree on, though, is how excited they are that Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - sure to be one of the summer's blockbuster hits - is finally on the big screen.

The movie is showing at more than a dozen movie theaters in and around Portland and it promises to be as big as its two predecessors, with huge special effects, lovable and hateful characters, some funny and not-so-funny moments and even a cranked-up element of creepy, reports

According to the new movie portrays Potter's third year at the Hogwartscq School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he learns that he is in grave danger from Sirius Black, a wizard who recently escaped from the heavily guarded prison of Azkaban, and who was believed to be partially responsible for the deaths of Potter's parents.

Potter sets out to defeat Black, but first he must learn to overcome obstacles like the dementorscq … soulless, cloaked beings that suck the life out of their prey, which guard Azkaban and defend his school after Black's escape.

"The book scared me a lot," said James McClainecq, one of Sorrell's eighth-grade students, who also found the Azkaban movie scarier than the last "Potter" film. The new movie, and the J.K. Rowling book it was based on, also got the 14-year-old's enthusiastic endorsement: "Everyone should read the book and they should watch the movie," he said.